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Keep calm and sing

14 maj , 2014, 11.57 lindaklang


Or how to deal with last minute clothing panic

These last days until our big concert are characterized by daily Flora practices and for me also by singing my flatmates to sleep each night while trying to learn the songs by heart. That is even slightly more difficult if Swedish and especially Finnish is not your mother tongue and you sometimes don’t understand what you sing…

But I am getting there and of course we are all very much looking forward to our Jubilee Concert, and I am sure it will be awesome. But besides learning the songs, there is another thing that had my and probably also some other girls’ attention when thinking about next weekend: What am I going to wear at the Jubilee Banquet?

Well, first of all, you may not want to wear the same dress as at the last choir event. So, bad luck if that was your favorite dress, you have to think about something new now… There are different ways to deal with this question at the last minute though: Some do last-minute online shopping and now have to hope the dresses arrive on time. However, I myself found a very lovely choir member who introduced me to her wardrobe and let me pick a really beautiful dress. It might have been spotted during some previous choir events on other people but I am really happy I found something I like. Floras help each other out, jeee!


It is going to be a great event and the 70th anniversary definitely is an occasion to dress up. Still, if there are people left who are close to panic about what to wear – if we think about it, it’s actually all about the music and the singing and the wonderful friends and new people we are going to spend the day and night with. So let’s keep calm, sing and maybe put some decent clothes on. See you on Saturday!


Foto: CS

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